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About Us

We are family owned

Wooden Spoon Idaho is a family-owned food service company based in Boise, ID established by husband-and-wife team Floyd and Liza, ready to serve not just the local Filipino community but the general American public as well within the vicinity of Boise and surrounding areas.

Floyd and Liza grew up experiencing first-hand their parents' cooking traditions,  handed down from generations of proudly home-made cooking goodness, with influences from different regions in the Philippines from the Tagalogs  and Ilocanos of the north, to the Bicolanos of central Philippines.

We're committed to quality

Using only the freshest available ingredients, with a few being imported directly from the Philippines, we make sure that our cooking stays true to the authentic tastes and traditions of Philippine cooking.

Our Filipino heritage

We're proud of our roots, especially with the unique hospitality and culture of Filipinos.  Our aim is to promote the unique tastes and flavors of Philippine cuisine by providing quality food at affordable prices, while providing convenient food delivery services that cater to every occasion or social gathering, or even just to fulfill your craving for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Check out our menu and try us now.  We know you'll love it.
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